managing serial complaints

Unique Academy is committed to dealing with all complaints fairly and impartially, and to providing a high-quality service to those who complain. We will not normally limit the contact complainants have with the school. However, we do not expect our staff to tolerate unacceptable behaviour and will take action to protect staff from that behaviour, including that which is abusive, harassing, offensive or threatening.

Unique Academy defines unreasonable behaviour as that which hinders our consideration of complaints because of the frequency or nature of the complainant’s contact with the school.

Complainants should try to limit their communication with the school that relates to their complaint, while the complaint is being progressed. It is not helpful if repeated correspondence is sent (either by letter, phone, email or text), as it could delay the outcome being reached.

Whenever possible, the Headteacher will discuss any concerns with the complainant informally before applying an ‘unreasonable’ marking.

For complainants who excessively contact Unique Academy causing a significant level of disruption, we may specify methods of communication and limit the number of channels of contacts in a communication strategy. This will be reviewed after six months.