car parking

The parking of cars and other vehicles in and around the school grounds is a daily necessity but also raises a number of safety and traffic issues that must be well managed.

We advise parents and/or visitors to carry out drop off and pick up using the streets surrounding the school; adhering to the road traffic laws such as avoiding parking on double yellow lines.

General Guidance Parents/guardians should try their best to find parking using the surrounding streets around the school. However, if parents prefer to park onsite (e.g. due to having younger children etc),
please be aware of that:
● You will need to register your car number plate on a database
● You will be then able to park for 15 minutes only
● If a car is parked for longer than 15 minutes, a fine will be issued.

Once parents have parked their cars appropriately, they must walk their children to the lining up area.
Please note that parents must pick/drop their children and vacate the area quickly. The class teachers will then lead the children into the building.

If parents arrive at the school late, please walk the children to the main entrance located at the front of the building and sign the ‘Lateness Log’.