Assessment: Tracking and Reviewing Progress

Formative and summative assessment milestones are recorded electronically using Target Tracker. National curriculum objectives are only recorded as ‘achieved’ when a child has demonstrated an ability to apply them. In order to apply an objective, pupils must be able to demonstrate that they have:

  • Learned the skill/concept
  • Practised the skill
  • Applied the skill/knowledge in an appropriate context


Pupils are given the opportunity to review their progress through ‘improvement prompt time’ which is provided by their teacher at the start of every lesson.

To assist in guiding each pupil’s learning journey, data ‘snap-shots’ are taken at class, phase and subject level, three times a year, towards the end of each term.


Pupil progress meetings for each year group are scheduled termly and focus on:

  • Reviewing the progress of all
  • Identifying and monitoring cohorts of pupils that are Identifying individuals for targeted support by class teachers.
  • Pinpointing barriers to learning that occur across classes, e.g. attendance, punctuality, behaviour, EAL and SEND
  • Selecting intervention strategies to implement as a team to tackle barriers to learning.
  • Creating an action plan for each class – factors affecting underachievement and the steps that will be taken to combat it


Senior Leaders meet termly to monitor pupils who were identified as underachieving in a number of subjects at pupil progress meetings, to pinpoint whole school trends relating to performance and to make decisions surrounding actions to accelerate the level of intervention for pupils who are identified as persistently underachieving.